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The challenges surrounding taxes among entrepreneurs primarily stem from a


Bookkeeping has been an aged problem among entrepreneurs, even to


As entrepreneurs find themselves increasingly occupied with managing multiple businesses

About Us

About Us

Countsystem is an accounting services provider and business development firm founded in the year 2017.  Growing up as a child, my mother had a restaurant. It was profitable. I mean, mum built houses in the village and the city where

At Countsystem, we provide accounting consulting solution to clients and individuals.  We provide clients, such as companies and individuals, with services that help them analyze financial information so that they can make important business decisions. The value we deliver include creating and analyzing financial documents, looking for financial areas needing improvement, optimizing accounting procedures and forecasting future profits. We bring to bear our strong background in financial controls, regulations and accounting procedures to tailor services to our clients.

Accounting and bookkeeping for business and organizations can be easily done when they know how to do it well.  Many small business owners would do proper accounting if they are well thought. At Countsystem, we provide accounting training including accounting training and personal financial management for individuals and organizations.

In the business world, proper accounting system is an aspect that every business owner, regardless of the nature of business should have some knowledge of. Its relevance has been promoted in recent years due to the boom in entrepreneurship.

  • Proof of Receipts and Payments: Proper accounting system helps business owners to know when debt is due for collection or payment. This forces owners not to rely on their memory alone. That means they only pay or collect what is due, no more or less.


  • Financial Position: Many business owners will tell you they are doing well in business because of the sales made, cash at hand etc. However, the financial position of every business is determined after a period of time having deducted all expenses made to arrive at a profit.


  • The Ease in Filing Taxes: Proper accounting system will help you in filing your taxes. You can pay your taxes and all other tax transactions without stress as at when due.


  • Connection to the Outside World: Proper accounting system gives you opportunity to communicate to stakeholders, employees, potential investors etc with trust because the information you give or show them can be verified.


  • Helps You Control Your Business: You cannot be in control of a business if you do not know what is going on. With a bad accounting system or no accounting system, a company is said to be flying blind. The New York Times rates poor accounting as the 4th reason, in a scale of 10, why small business fail.


  • Solution to Efficiency in Business Transactions: Society and business practices have changed, the boom in entrepreneurship and the emergence of new sectors such as online services led to changes in how some business transactions are being processed. Therefore, Proper accounting system gives you a platform for efficiency and effectiveness in processing your business transactions.


  • Influence in Economic Policies: Proper accounting system gives information that has great influence in Economic Policies an example of this is illustrated by the National Coal Board (NCB) case on 3rd June, 1985 in Great Britain were the measurement of accounting profit was used to justify the closure of coal pits, causing an impact on electricity prices, jobs and taxes.

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1A Chime Avenue, New Haven, Enugu