Countsystem is an accounting services provider and business development firm founded in the year 2017. 
Growing up as a child, my mother had a restaurant. It was profitable. I mean, mum built houses in the village and the city where the business was situated. I and my siblings had a lot of toys. By the way, mum was not educated but my father is educated!
In all those years, mum had no bookkeeping system. At a time in my junior secondary school, mum closed the business and moved everybody to the village. I could not understand why then!
It happened that I studied accountancy later in life. And I understood what my mum went through doing business without bookkeeping and businesses management. The business was dying but nobody knew even mum who was in charge of the business. 
And a lot of business will go the way of mum’s restaurant if nothing is done about their bookkeeping system and businesses management and as a result Countsystem came into existence in order to help businesses build experiences and relationships into clients bookkeeping systems and management to allow them focus on their core businesses instead of struggling with numbers, records and management.
Countsystem was established to continually equip individuals, business owners through training in bookkeeping, finance management, business development with effective systems for sustainability of resources to allow them focus on their core businesses.
The micro, small and medium enterprises account for 54% of Nigeria’s Gross Domestic Product. The boom of the entrepreneurship in Nigeria lately has a lot of challenges. These micro and small enterprises have remained the orphan child of the accounting industry till date.
As a result of the above challenges, Countsystem Enterprise is seeking to build a firm that provides accounting services, business development for sustainable economic growth for Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises.
Countsystem office is located in the heart of the city of Enugu, Enugu State Nigeria.