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While the Central Bank of Nigeria and the Peoples Bank of China work out the operational activities in the currency swap deal. Don’t be Uncle Thomas!


Come to think of it…


Nations of the world are falling over themselves to invest in Nigeria. Yet the Nigeria media keep on saying the economy is ailing. That’s a liar!


Chinese government understands what connected economy is and Nigeria is key to the scheme of world economic affairs.


Nigeria has a responsibility quite different from the usuals. You and me have to adjust in order to fit in the economic activities.


Instead of gallivanting around every weekend, spending money you don’t have, buying things you don’t need to please people that don’t care.


Yes, I said need not wants because you have only three (3) basic needs —food, clothing and shelter. And your wants are like the sand of the sea shore —-innumerable!


Productive Things You Can Do.


— — —

Learn Chinese: Learning  Chinese is no longer an option. It is a necessity. Check out centres like Alliance Francaise,  it is established in most of the States, institutions of higher learning close to you. The training is flexible and cost effective.


You can attest to this. There is this kind of acceptance in you when a foreigner is speaking your language effortlessly. By speaking their language, you are saying I care for Chinese people. When given an opportunity, a relationship can be built.


— — —

Study Nigerian Exports To China: You will be amazed that some of the exports can be sourced locally. I mean right from your village.


— — —

Apply The Principle Of INTK: Have this attitude always that “I Need To Know” more about China’s business operations.


Nigeria is rapidly transforming from an import dependent economy to a connected economy. Capable and competitive companies are emerging, the consumer market is growing, sales and distribution channels are being developed, and the regulatory context is  changing, all at accelerating rates.


Remember the Boys Scout motto: “Be prepared “


Nigeria shall be a great country.!

Post Author: Chukwuemeka Ayogu

Chukwuemeka Ayogu is the founder and Lead Consultant at Countsystem, a service provider in accounting sector in Nigeria, bsiness systems and controller services. He is an Accountant Partner of Accounteer, a cloud based accounting software. He is an experienced service provider with diverse working experiences. He has worked in customer service at Regional Business Unit Nigerian Breweries Plc, Customer Service Representative at Diamond Bank Plc, Principal Partner at Prudential Auditors & Consultants, State manager at Chijgz Resources International and more.

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