Bookkeeping has been an aged problem among entrepreneurs, even to date. The advancement in technology has not totally removed the problem but has offered a better solution to bookkeeping challenges.

 The majority of entrepreneurs spend tons of hours a week struggling with the recording of their transactions. This work style impacts their health negatively. In addition to the impact on their health, hard-earned monies are lost through loss in inventory, forgotten debts due to lack of effective bookkeeping system, payment of charges and penalties that are avoidable, employees pilferages etc.

Bookkeeping is the act of recording transactions (dealing between two or more people with money as a consideration) on a day to day basis, either using notebooks or accounting software (online or offline).

At Countsystem, we set up bookkeeping systems, provide training for the use of accounting software both online and offline, customised paper bookkeeping systems for business owners who are yet to make their bookkeeping digital.

With a proper bookkeeping system in place. It is stress-free and less time is spent on bookkeeping to allow the business owners to focus on their core business areas. And when it is online bookkeeping, the job gets done with a click of the mouse.