Chukwuemeka Ayogu is an accountant, Content Contributor, teacher, accounting services provider, writer, business developer, speaker and he believes beyond going to school is the individual’s quest for continuous learning in a chosen field.

His background in accounting started as a child where his mother trusted him with daily counting of money realised from the mother’s restaurant business every late night. In most of those late-night counting of cash, the siblings were fast asleep.
He has B.Sc. in accountancy, MBA, PMP and a member Nigerian Institute of Management etc.
His drive is to continually equip entrepreneurs through training with effective systems to allow them to focus on their core businesses.
He founded Countsystem, where he passionately teaches personal finance management, business development with an emphasis on people being financially disciplined in management of both personal and business finance.
He has varying work experiences from Nigerian Breweries Plc Regional Business Unit in customer service, defunct Diamond Bank Plc in operations, former Principal Partner Prudential Auditors and Consultants, Chijgz Resources International Enugu State Manager, Nigerian Television Authority in finance department etc.
He makes appearances at many events, organisations and universities as a guest speaker such as Project Management Institute, Genesys Techhub Boot Camp, TechX Innovation hub, University of Nigeria Enugu Campus Prudential Auditors and Consultants etc.
His goal is to teach the practical knowledge of finance management either personal, business or both so much that even market women who can neither read nor write can share the knowledge wherever they find themselves either in the families or marketplaces.