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In every society, there is the good and the bad. And whatever you focus on fills the entire picture. That means we see through the eyes not with the eyes.



It is appalling that an average Nigerian is fixated. When you decide to see good in everything. You just got a brand name “naysayers”. He is not in touch with reality and always defending government.


Who is government, anyway? Government is made up of you and me. Each and everyone of us has a level of authority to exercise at any point in time. Whether we are exercising effectively or not. That will be an issue for another day.


Back to the democracy day celebration.


There are avalanche of good things to celebrate in Nigeria. They are crystal clear to anybody who cares to know and be in the vanguard of development.


Look at even recession which was a blessing in disguise that catapulted Nigerians into various viable businesses.


There has never been a time in Nigeria history that entrepreneurs came from all walks of life as we have now. One of the cardinal reason is the freedom we have to start any  venture.


In 2006, the United States of America, USA’s Central Intelligence Agency, CIA predicted that Nigeria will no longer be in existence by 2015. Nigeria survived 2015 and is waxing stronger with her citizens.


Anchor Borrowers Scheme of Central Bank of Nigeria which has substantially raised local production of rice.


Nigeria milled rice production has increased from 2.5 MT to about 4 MT and rice exports from Thailand to Nigeria dropped from 1.23 million MT in 2014 to 23,192 MT as at November 2017.


And Nigerian Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is low compared to other developing nations. Don’t be deceived! Market women and men in our various villages  who hardly transact through the banking system. Please, what of their data?. That means Nigerian GDP is never complete.!


Enugu – Onitsha express road in Eastern region of Nigeria is under construction along side with the second Niger bridge.


Abuja’s Light Rail System has been completed.


Registration of enterprises and companies in Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) have been simplified. In fact, stress free and affordable.


Let’s I forget Rail System is under construction which cuts across Lagos, Ibadan, Kano etc.


In March 2018 US $ 10 million was invested to establish a “world-class” cancer treatment centre at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH), and US $ 5 million each in the Aminu Kano University Teaching Hospital and the Federal Medical Centre, Umuahia to be completed by the end of this year 2018.


Development Bank of Nigeria (DBN) has taken off, to provide medium and long- term loans to Micro Small and Medium Enterprises Scheme (MSMEs) with over # 5 billion disbursed.


Nigerian exporters have greatly increased. In fact, a youth can proudly tell you now am a farmer. Who could have told you he or she is farmer among the youths before now.


Tax revenue increased to # 1.17 trillion in the first quarter 2018, a 51 percent increase on the first quarter of 2017 figure.


You are still doubting whether Nigeria is making progress!


The Eurobond issued by the Federal Government of Nigeria was over subscribed in excess of US $ 7.8 billion compared to a pre-issuance target of US $ 1 billion.


This shows confidence by the International Investment Community in Nigeria’s economic reform agenda.


There is so much potential in the country and the results of our initiatives will make Nigeria a great country.


If we sit back, point accusing fingers, curse and condemn. Even the good things we have will ebb and flow into despondency.


Let’s celebrate the good things we see here and there. It will increase in speed, volume and ubiquity.


Nigeria shall be a great country.

Post Author: Chukwuemeka Ayogu

Chukwuemeka Ayogu is the founder and Lead Consultant at Countsystem, a service provider in accounting sector in Nigeria, bsiness systems and controller services. He is an Accountant Partner of Accounteer, a cloud based accounting software. He is an experienced service provider with diverse working experiences. He has worked in customer service at Regional Business Unit Nigerian Breweries Plc, Customer Service Representative at Diamond Bank Plc, Principal Partner at Prudential Auditors & Consultants, State manager at Chijgz Resources International and more.


    1. This is a great statement “This is what I train my eyes on”. That means seeing possibilities in life is a product of training. Oh!, how I wish a greater percentage of the youths will seek such training in a time like this.
      #Sparkyjen, thank you so much.

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