Countsystem Took My Tax Worries Away So I Can Concentrate On the Core of My business

I came in contact with Countsystem Enterprise in early February 2019 through a friend whom I attended a course with. I told him of my difficult in filing my Annual Returns with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) and Value Added Tax (VAT) with Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) and that I needed a Tax consultant. The issue had lingered for long such that I did not really know where to start from at the time. Getting to know and associating with Countsystem Enterprise made all those worries history as they not only assisted in resolving the problems but has since continue to do all my monthly VAT filing with FIRS.

Countsystem Enterprise has helped remove my tax worries and have helped me to concentrate more in running my Farm and Agro-Processing Ventures more effectively. I no longer have to run to town each month struggling to these filings.

Presently, I have started discussions with them on how to set up proper bookkeeping systems (as a matter of fact, working on all my financial documentations). Since I learnt that failure to keep proper records and accounts would harm my business and a punishable offence under the laws of our land, I hope to finalise these plans soonest.

Patrick Nwa-nwigweze, CEO/MD Nwa-Nwigweze Farms and Agro Ventures.

Countsystem Provides Us With 5-Fold Accounting Solution

Zade faced a number of issues. From proper bookkeeping, proper tax classifications, filing CAC annual returns and generally how to go about it.

I was privileged to be at a training organised for business people where Countsystem was speaking on Tax and bookkeeping as it concerns SMEs.

That training was an eye opener. After the training, I asked a lot of questions which got answered expertly and I further booked for an in house training for us at Zade House of Fashion.

 Currently, Countsystem offers us:

  1. Training on issues of proper bookkeeping of transactions.
  2. VAT filing
  3. CAC annual return filing
  4. Audit for filing company income tax
  5. Bringing us in contact with professional for our specific needs.

Due to relocation and being illiterate in tax matters, Zade incurred a lot of penalties from FIRS.

After we became partners with countsystem, that was resolved and VAT has consistently been paid on time as reminders are sent and an easy system offered for remittance and collection.

Annual Company income tax filing.

CAC annual returns  and filing is also taken care off

Records are kept in a timely and easy manner.

Outsourcing to Countsystem not only ensures the work is done in a timely fashion but gives a business the peace of mind to pursue it’s core!

Thank you Countsystem.

Ohanwe Roseclaire, CEO, Zade House Of Fashion Limited.

My Company Was Incorporated by Countsystem

I was having a problem with the incorporation of my company. And I got to know about Countsystem on Facebook but later found out that the lead consultant is my childhood friend.

We first spoke on phone and scheduled a meeting at their office. The meeting was more like a lecture on how to manage a company to avoid payment of penalties from government agencies like FIRS, CAC and I understood that the issue of proper bookkeeping of company transactions is a need.

Right now, my company has been incorporated for me through Countsystem and currently consulting for my company in all the taxes with Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) and Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) annual returns.

Amelous Ayogu, CEO Laundant Concept limited.

Countsystem Taught me How to Kepp My business Records

I run a small business and kept records basically on what I bought and sold without a formal bookkeeping system setup.

When I came in contact with Countsystem through the Lead Consultant. I was taught proper bookkeeping of translations in an easy to use system.

This has helped me in separating personal expenses from business expenses, tracking debtors in order to reduce the level of bad debts and using my records for effective business decision making for sustainable growth.

Rukevwe Muoghereh, CEO Zaddies Crunchies

Countsystem Set Up My Company Bookkeeping System

Before I met Countsystem, there have been a series of problems accounting for my company’s jobs properly. The issue of assigning and apportioning money for different purposes in my job especially building construction jobs were difficult for me.

It was through the lead consultant of Countsystem in our place of fellowship that Countsystem was introduced to me.

My company’s bookkeeping system has been setup, I have learnt how to apportion money in my jobs, balancing of my books of account and taking care of my finances.

And the importance of payment of taxes as a company owner. We are working out how my company income tax will be filled, filling of annual returns to Corporate Affairs Commission and other related tax issues.

Nnamoko Chibuzor, CEO Ozolion Construction 

We get Accounting and Business Consulting from Countsystem

At Peter and Paul Concepts, we write academic books and market by ourselves. After a few weeks of us selling the books to schools and bookshops, we realized that we can’t keep proper records of our cost of production and its expenses, sales, profits, and debtors. So complicated! Before we came in contact with our saviour—Countsystem.

We got to know Countsystem through a friend well explained in his Facebook page.

They offered us the service of keeping our books of account properly, financial advice and general business mentoring.

We can now be sure of our profits, and proper business management! No more complications!

Peter Okonkwo, Proprietor Paul and Peter Concepts.

Countsystem Taught me How to Use of Budget Management System 

I had a lot of problems with my finances. The most prominent was how to effectively manage my expenditures such that I could meet my important needs and still have savings.

I attended a seminar anchored by Countsystem and I was able to understand that there are various ways to take charge of my finances and get the most from my earnings.

I was taught on the use of budget management system to prioritize my expenses and manage my finances. I was also introduced to the use of Android applications to record and monitor my finances.

I must say that that seminar was a great solutions to my predicament.

Now, I can effectively and efficiently manage my finances and I have records of my money flow which enables me to have a foresight on which portion of my finances I should either optimize or examine.

Anthony Uyanga, An Engineer.