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My experience over the years consulting for Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SMEs) has given me the ability to demonstrate my skill to any prospective client notwithstanding the negative experiences of the past trying to solve the same problem.


In the course of marketing Countsystem services and the weekly visit of clients in our retainers. We ran into a prospective client who asked a question thus “What if it rains”. This was a response after we have demonstrated to him the need for an accounting system in his business using online accounting software.

In consulting, mere knowledge of the art or business providing solutions to the client’s business problem is not enough. There is a need to add skill to the knowledge you possess.


By the way, knowledge is what you know. Skill is what you can do.


Back to the question our prospective client asked. I quickly validated his fear thus “this is a challenge really”.


Similarly, I adapted the features of the online accounting software he can relate with based on the level of technological exposure to the ones a bit technical.


Guess what! He was nodding in quick succession so much that when I was stating technical terms there was no need to bother him with explanation.  And of course, today he is our paying client who once doubted the safety of the system.


Remember, there is additional information every consultant should have beyond the narratives given by would-be client or customer. Every question a prospective client or customer asks has a direct relationship with either the past experience or the present challenge(s).


What guarantees a consultant a win is the ability to adapt the existing service or product to meet a present need rather than stating the features of the solution like one cap fits it all!


Furthermore, the ability to adapt a product or service comes with exercise. I mean the acclaimed solution must have been demonstrated beforehand to solve a real problem, not an imaginary problem.



Post Author: Chukwuemeka Ayogu

Chukwuemeka Ayogu is the founder and Lead Consultant at Countsystem, a service provider in accounting sector in Nigeria, bsiness systems and controller services. He is an Accountant Partner of Accounteer, a cloud based accounting software. He is an experienced service provider with diverse working experiences. He has worked in customer service at Regional Business Unit Nigerian Breweries Plc, Customer Service Representative at Diamond Bank Plc, Principal Partner at Prudential Auditors & Consultants, State manager at Chijgz Resources International and more.

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